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We have three types of investment options.

We create different investment packages per time. As of now the least investment package available is from 50,000 Naira.

Yes. RarerGems Jewelry Limited is a licensed gold trading company. We buy and sell physical gold.

The maturity of investment is determined by the investment package. The least maturity period for an investment is 180days (6 months).

Yes. You are allowed to request for withdrawal before the maturity date of your investment, however, you will not receive the full interest on your investment. Your interest will be prorated depending on the length of days that has elapsed from the period of investment.

Buying a physical gold is different from a gold-backed investment. In buying physical gold, you get the gold in whatever from you desire and hold it in your possession while a gold backed investment involves you investing money for a period of time in which interests is accrued on the invested amount.

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